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Al Fakher began as a quality-driven shisha manufacturer in 1999. Today, as part of the AIR (Advanced Inhalation Rituals) family, Al Fakher is present in over 100 countries, gaining the trust and loyalty of shisha lovers all over the world. It did not invent shisha, but it pioneered the production of consistent, high-quality flavored tobacco shisha.

Broadly, there are two categories of tobacco-containing shisha which may be used with the shisha pipe: flavored and unflavored. They differ in the way they are consumed whereby flavored products are heated, while unflavored products are combusted.

As part of the AIR the AIR (Advanced Inhalation Rituals) vision, new non-tobacco shisha products are being innovated and developed to cater to a growing audience.

The shisha pipe

The shisha pipe (also known as the hookah, shisha, narghile, and hubble-bubble) comprises a head, body, bowl and hose with either a fixed or disposable mouthpiece, depending on whether the waterpipe is intended for home use or for enjoying in a shisha lounge or café.

These components are arranged in a way that the tube extends down from the head, through the body, terminating within the water contained inside the bowl. 

Flavored shisha tobacco is placed in bowl at the top of the device. Charcoal is placed on top of the tobacco-filled head, separated from the tobacco mixture by an airgap and a perforated aluminum foil sheet (Figure 1.0) or a heat management device resulting in heating. In contrast, unflavored shisha tobacco is not separated from charcoal, and is burned during use.

Figure 1.0: Shisha pipe identifying key components.


When the consumer draws through the mouthpiece, the shisha cloud is pulled through the body of the shisha pipe under vacuum, through the water and is subsequently inhaled.   

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